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Buy Clomid Canada (Clomiphene/Womens Health), how to buy clomiphene citrate 50 mg / diabolus / 04:59 / 2001

Lives and works in Iceland.
For his exhibition in Venice, Pétursson has constructed a tunnel-like structure bisecting the Icelandic pavilion. Pétursson’s 16 meter long structure, which juts out of the building, and then tapers at its end to contain a homemade organ pipe built by the artist, functions as a home for the Diabolus tone, which in medieval times was called la Quinte-du-loup and banned from the ritual by the Catholic Church. The Diabolus tone is formed by the intersection of two separate tones, one measuring 61.8hz, here produced by a loudspeaker reverberating under and in the organ pipe, and the other measuring 44.7hz, produced by an air pump intermittently blowing through the pipe. Together the two tones form a heavy interference wave of 17hz-the Diabolus. Mixing medieval methodology and up to date electronic technology, Pétursson’s work conflates past and present, and his tunnel becomes a kind of time chamber, a conduit between the centuries.
Gregory Volk
New York, March 2001